Lava Shield Wash

The Best Paint Sealant Process

This wash starts with bumper prepping, rims will be brushed by hand and includes all the features of the Shine & Jet Dry wash in addition to adding a 4 step Paint Sealant Process consisting of Lava Bath Pre-Soak, Lava Shine Paint Treatment, Waterfall Rinse & Cure and the final step of Lava Seal to protect the paint. Finally, your windows will be treated with Simoniz Vision Clear for crystal clear windows.

*This wash also includes our 5-day – $10 Rewash Guarantee! Save your receipt and anytime in the next 5 days you can scan it at our pay station and get one $10 Rewash on your car for FREE!

**This wash also includes our seasonal BUG PREP/SALT PREP Treatment. The Bug Prep formula dissolves bugs while our staff applies Hands-On Bumper, Windshield & Side Mirror prepping. This is the very best way to get Bugs off your car. The Salt Prep formula is applied to effectively removes salt and calcium residue from the vehicle’s surface while neutralizing corrosive and rusting properties of deicing chemical.